Psychotherapy and counselling

Rebecca Spaven Postnatal Doula

SB Therapy Natural Therapy and Training Beauty School

Trauma Trained Therapist Lakshmih Moon

Happy Heart Energy

Minna Wood (MSc, MBANT, rCNHC) / MetaWell Personalised Nutrition

Hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching Service (Virtual and In-Person)

Osteopath AHP

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠ at Quantum Healing Dublin


Rod Diaz – Counselling & Mentoring


Bristol Chiropractic Sports and Family Clinic

Awaken The Woman

Rapid Transformational Practioner

Infinity Fitness Gym

The Body Code

Weight Loss Pills and Supplements – Top Tier Nutrition

Fertile woman practitioner, Reiki master, Reflexologist, Health Creation mentor

Wellness Balance Strategies – coaching for people who want more from life

Comfortable Canines

no more limits – growing beyond your limitations & upgrading your comfort zone!

Tantra Massage Practitioner

Elektra Bien-Etre

Nutritional Therapist & Health & Wellness Coach

Peaceful Minds (Scot) Ltd

Psychologist- CBT Clinical Hypnotherapist, Christina Erato Zymvragou PhDc

Past Life Regression Therapy – L2 C.HYP

Rowena Rowley RTTP Hynotherapist

Fertility Expert – Anne-Marie Pereira

Heart Light healing and teaching

The Equine Confidence Coach – building riders confidence

Online Coaching and Personal Training

Mental, emotional, and physical wellness


Taking Baby Steps

Psychotherapy Works | Russell Vant

Embody With MM

Sexologist | Sex Therapist (Sexual Health, Self-Identity & Well-Being)

Holistic Practitioner and Life Coach

Maria Swedish Massage Room

Louise Burchell – Yoga, Birth & Wellbeing

Dúlra Forest School

Sunflower Birth, Baby and Wellbeing

Mindful Journaling Connections

Nutrition Therapist

Child Sleep Consultant

Free to be Me! ReAwakening to your Soul’s Purpose