Bodywork for Emotional Detox

Hypnotherapy with Morgan

Jessica Cunningham T/as Belief Coding

Firewalking with Karen Duff

Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist – Larissa Bauml

Complementary Therpaies With Christine Michele Murray

Female empowerment and movement specialist

BobCat Integrative Consulting by Bob

BobCat Integrative Consulting by Catriona

Empowering Your Journey: Unlock your potential. English-Speaking Online Therapy with Cynthia Laureano

Therapy with Sharon

Fabi Holistic Health

Certified Embodied Counsellor and Somatic Sex Educator

Empowered Goddess Healing

Clear Insight Therapy Clinic

Thomas Dignam – Holistic Self-Identity and Awareness Coach, Therapist & Mentor

Holistic and Integrative Therapist and Life Coach

Innerworks: breathwork, gentle bodywork and Spinal Energetics

Camino de Santiago Guide and Coach | St James Way

Forest Bathing

Astrology & Astrocartography

Transformational Travel Coach

Wingwave Coaching

Holistic Healing Devon

Lisa Donnelly Therapy – CL.HYP C.HYP RTTP RTTA GHR reg

Supporting you to be…you : Online Health and Wellbeing Coaching | Sexual Health Advising

I am your Hypnotherapist with Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) and more

Rapid Transformational Therapy

Experience BetaMind Program to have a happier life!

Soul Flow

Quantum Journeys Hypnosis (QJH) – Online Sessions

Corinne Elizabeth – Mindset & Emotional Wellbeing Coach

Holistic Creative Therapist and Grief movement guide

SOEA Feminine Embodiment Coach

Clare Dash

Sound Bath September 24th 12:30pm Cork Ireland

Women’s Circle – September 17th New Moon 11am-1pm Cork, Ireland