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  • J Hawkins

    Excellent and generous support
    I went to Alison feeling very low, anxious and exhausted. My anxiety was spiralling out of control, and I felt depleted. Through her gentle guidance and support, I have made some major shifts in my diet and lifestyle so that I now eat a diet that tastes great and supports my body through menopause. Alison is very knowledgeable and inspiring about nutrition which really helped me start to feel better. The recipes, meal plans, shopping lists and lifestyle suggestions are excellent. Thanks to her approachable style that made me believe I could make the changes and feel better. I am now well on the road to recovery, eating well, enjoying food and knowing that her excellent and generous support is there for me whenever I need it. I can thoroughly recommend her to anyone.
    – J Hawkins, 48

  • Louise

    Alison Bladh Nutrition has posted many beautiful food pictures on Facebook and when I read her holistic view of nutrition I found it very interesting. I am not overweight but have struggled with PMS all my life and now approaching my 50th birthday I have tried to find out more about menopause symptoms due to my hair getting thinner, constantly feeling tired and my skin losing it´s glow and elasticity. I visited Alison´s homepage and suddenly realized that perhaps a different nutrition could help me feel better.
    I contacted her online for a consultation and instantly felt that she understood my hormonal problems and hade the knowledge to help me get my metabolic balance back. Her nutritional programme taught me the science of food which I find very interesting and the more I learn what I actually eat, the better I feel. Alison has always been available for any questions regarding recipes and to follow up how I feel. I absolutely love my overall health now after our sessions, as it has not only improved my hormonal balance but also my body structure. I would recommend with similar hormonal symptoms to get in contact with Alison for an individual consultation.
    – Louise, 50

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