East Yorkshire Equine Assisted Therapy

Un Nuevo Camino Coaching – Arturo López

Soul Flow

Sage Animal Wellness

Vicky Sarah Animal Communication and Reiki

Happy Heart Energy

The Equine Confidence Coach – building riders confidence

Animal Assisted Therapist

The Wild Choice: Equine and Canine Herbalism Consultations

Amanda Cox Energy Healing

Animal Communicator, Intuitive Teacher, Holistic Wellness and Energy Alignment

Reiki & Distance Reiki for people or animals

Laser Therapy

Reiki Healing

Guide Dogs

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

Dog A.I.D. (Assistance in Disability)

Service Dogs UK – PTSD Assistance Dogs

Medical Detection Dogs

Support Dogs

Dogs for Good

Pets As Therapy

Trinity Rose Animal Assisted Therapy

BIOPSYSIS with Prof. Dr. Duca (Canavan)

Talking to Animals

Bowen and more

Sidmouth – Donkey Assisted Therapy Centre

Donkey Assisted Therapy in Manchester

Donkey Assisted Therapy in Ivybridge

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Hamish’s Holistic Healing